Supporting challenging arbitration cases and advancing the field

Mark Pieth knows first-hand the value of arbitration in resolving commercial or investment disputes. He has served as an expert in landmark arbitration cases, such as IPOC, Fraport vs Philippines, Spentex vs Uzbekistan and numerous high-profile commercial cases.

As a result, he also deeply understands the challenges that arbitrators face.

A major challenge is what to do if allegations or suspicions of corruption, money laundering, fraud or other illegality arise during arbitration.

Together with Kathrin Betz, Mark Pieth founded the Competence Centre Arbitration and Crime at the University of Basel to address such challenges together with the global arbitration community. Each year, the Centre brings together leading arbitrators, lawyers, academics and other experts for an in-depth workshop.

The Toolkit for Arbitrators emerged from the 2019 workshop. Now available in English, French and Russian, it has since become the go-to guidance for arbitrators who suspect, or are confronted with, corruption or other illegality relating to the underlying dispute.

Mark Pieth continues to serve as an expert on arbitration cases, combining years of experience with deep insights from global colleagues through the Competence Centre Arbitration and Crime.

Upcoming events

May 4
May 5

6th Basel Arbitration & Crime Conference: Updating the Toolkit

Past events

May 6
May 7

The Biden Initiative against Corruption and recent challenges in the area of arbitration and crime

January 8
January 8

Arbitration and crime: enforcement of awards, tainted assets, transnational public policy, sports arbitration

January 9
January 10

Legal Consequences of Corruption and Money Laundering in International Arbitration

January 10
January 11

International Arbitration and Corruption, A Toolkit for Arbitrators

Workshop, Basel, Switzerland
See the Final Agenda here

January 11
January 12

Arbitration and Crime, Dealing with Allegations of Economic Crime in Arbitration

Conference, Basel, Switzerland
See the Final Agenda and Conference Report here.


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