Advancing compliance as a corporate responsibility and a collective endeavour

Anti-corruption compliance has evolved considerably over the course of Mark Pieth’s career.

So too have the compliance programmes he has created for banks and other corporations, often in collaboration with leading compliance advisors at the Basel Institute on Governance.

He has developed both model compliance codes and tailored compliance plans for specific companies. He has also acted as a compliance monitor, including at a global construction company and large commercial bank.

Collective Action is an evolution in compliance that Mark Pieth has been instrumental in advancing. Since his early years, he has promoted the idea that fighting corruption is not the task of one compliance department, or even one company acting alone. The solution – multi-stakeholder and cross-sector collaboration through Collective Action – has now been adopted by leading companies, governments and civil society organisations worldwide.

The Basel Institute on Governance, which Mark Pieth founded in 2003, is now a global centre of expertise on anti-corruption Collective Action.